COVID-19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 Safety Plan

First Level Protection Restaurant

  • We have reduced our capacity by 50%
  • We have measured each table to be 6ft apart
  • We have no tables able to seat more than 6 people
  • We have removed bar seats at one bar and reduced the amount of seats at the second bar
  • We have cleared space for larger walk ways
  • We have moved host stand to outside to avoid gatherings at dining room entrance
  • Limited occupancy in bathrooms by closing some services


  • We have reduced staff by over 50% We have staggered start times so that there are limited people arriving at the same time
  • Limited the occupancy in staff room at one time
  • We have scheduled the same people on the same shifts
  • Welfare check on each employee before entering the space

Second Level Protection Restaurant

  • We have plexiglass barriers for booths to allow social distancing

Third Level Protection Restaurant

  • All tables to be left bare – no salt and pepper, candles
  • All tables and surfaces to be sanitized between each seating
  • All chairs to be sanitized between each seating
  • All walls to be sanitized between each seating
  • Single use menus will be distributed and recycled once used
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser available for guests upon arrival and departure
  • Bathrooms – sinks, mirrors, countertop, toilets, and walls will be sanitized every 30 minutes
  • No billfolds brought to table. Instead, tables will be given the bill as is
  • Credit card machines have protected cover and will be cleaned after each use


  • Increased signage for washing hands posted throughout kitchen and service area
  • Increased signage for health and well-being of staff member
  • Any staff receiving any goods from outside distributer will wear gloves
  • New staff policies and guidelines

Guidelines For Staff

  1. Wash hands frequently and thoroughly
  2. Don’t shake hands
  3. Avoid direct personal contact especially those with sickness
  4. Maintain personal space of 6ft
  5. Cough into elbows
  6. Don’t touch eyes, mouth or nose
  7. In addition to washing hands, use hand sanitizer
  8. Temperature check before beginning shift
  9. Non surgical masks available
  10. Clear gloves provided for clearing dirty dishes

Staff Policies

  1. Anyone arriving from outside of Whistler, must self-isolate for 14 days before entering the workplace
  2. Must undergo proper training in sanitization and restaurant cleanliness
  3. Anyone who is feeling unwell must call Manager to have shift covered
  4. No more than 2 people arrive to work at the same time to limit those in staff areas
  5. Upon arrival, street clothes are to be folded and stored in sealed container in staff room
  6. No personal belongings aside from work gear to be brought in
  7. Temperature check before signing in
  8. No visitors during shift
  9. No visiting work when not scheduled
  10. Must frequently wash hands
  11. Must ensure uniform is cleaned daily. Servers are include apron with daily clean uniform
  12. Implement cleaning protocol
  13. Kitchen staff will not share knifes or tools throughout the shift
  14. Kitchen staff will wear nose and mouth coverings as they cannot practice social distancing
  15. Upon arrival, during, and at the end of their shift kitchen staff will sanitize station and surface areas with clean rags. Rags can be disposed once used
  16. If receiving food or anything from outside deliveries, you must wear gloves while handling product

Cleaning Protocol

  • Fill each spray bottle with sanitizer mixture from back on kitchen dispenser
  • Take clean cloth and spray down all table tops, chairs, coffee station, water station, hand rails and cutlery polishing station before opening restaurant
  • Sanitize all credit card machine before opening and after each transaction during open hours
  • Sanitize handrails every 30 minutes when restaurant is open
  • Bathrooms to be cleaned every 30 minutes. Sinks, countertops, mirrors, toilet paper dispensers, toilet, bathroom stall walls and handless air dryer
  • Ensure paper towel is full in bathrooms
  • Sanitize sanitizer dispenser every 30 minutes
  • Sanitize with clean cloth – table tops, chairs and any surface should table be near after each seating. Use new cloth each time
  • Kitchen staff will use clean green Alsco rags to sanitize surfaces and clean space once used. Please dispose of now dirty rag in return bag and grab a new rag
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers to be checked throughout the shift to ensure level of fullness


  • Kitchen staff to wear facial coverings – nose and mouth as they cannot always work 6ft apart
  • Anyone clearing dirty plates wears sandwich gloves to minimize contact. Wash hands once gloves are removed and disposed of
  • Masks are available to any staff who would like to wear non-surgical mask during shift
    1. Wash hands before grabbing mask
    2. Inspect mask for damage
    3. Turn so coloured side is facing outward
    4. Put loops around each ear
    5. Make sure there are no gaps
    6. Don’t touch your face
    7. Wash or dispose of mask after use